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Pick One...

Halloween time always has me conjuring up plots about witches, warlocks, or ghosts. I jot down notes on characters, searching for the perfect setting and I’m soon lost in possibilities. Not all my conjuring produces a book. I tuck away my notes and pull them out every now and again to see if there’s anything I’d like to work on.

I thought I’d share a brief description of three and see if any catch your interest.

West Scottish Highlands 1564 — Conall Malloch served his king well when no other warrior was capable of fighting off the worst evil… witches. But he paid a high price for his bravery. He was left scarred so badly that few if any would look upon him. As much as he’d love to have a wife and family, he knows that’s but a dream, for no woman would ever marry him. He remains content farming his land until one day a messenger arrives. The king has sent word… he needs Conall… he needs him to see to a witch. Conall goes reluctantly and only to tell the king that he will not subject himself to such evil ever again. But the king makes him a generous offer… handle the witch and he will give him a woman who will willingly wed him.

This book would be the start of a five book series of witches and warlocks and the fiercest of Highlander warriors. After all who else is capable of dealing with witches?  :)

 * * *

 Far north Highlands 1500s — Bree McDoonan is a fine healer and loved by her clan. But one day a fierce pagan warrior stumbles into the village seriously injured and while the clan fears him and wants him gone, Bree refuses and tends the pagan warrior. His healing his slow and laborious and she not only fights to heal him but also fights her clan to protect him. He heals and one day, though she feels he’s far from ready to leave, he vanishes. The clan is pleased and Bree continues her healing work until…

An illness hits the clan and some die, as do animals and then a delivery goes bad, the child dying though through no fault of Bree’s. Soon she’s accused of being a witch and it doesn’t take long for the clan who once loved her to turn against her and burn her at the stake. But the pagan warrior comes to her rescue and carries her away to his land and his people. But can she accept his pagan ways and most of all what will she do when she learns who he really is?

I planned on a Pagan Warrior trilogy for this series.

 * * *

 One of the Isles off the West Coast of Scotland, 1600s — Garek Macallister is a bitter warrior who lost too much in too many battles though many believe it was his soul that he lost. He rules his clan with fear and no one dares challenge him. Enter Angelica, a soft spoken woman who wears a constant smile and has a kind word for everyone. She seeks shelter with the Macallister clan and starts to bring joy to many lives including Garek’s, though he will not admit it. She softens his heart and they fall in love and wed.

On their wedding day clerics arrive and claim that Angelica has escaped from a convent. She claims to be an angel fallen from the heavens but it is thought that she is a witch who seduces people with her smile. No one will believe the clerics until one tells them that she bears the devil’s marks and rips her gown down her back to reveal two horrid scars. The people cringe and back away. When the clerics discover that Garek wed her, they shake their heads and tell him they have no choice but to leave him to his fate. What will it take Angelica to prove to him that she isn’t a witch or a mad woman, but if she is neither then what is she and where did she get those scars?

Another trilogy planned for this one.

 * * *

 So which Halloween-time plot caught your interest?


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14 Comments on "Pick One…"

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Esperanza Hayman

West Scottish Highlands 1564 Conall Malloch. That is the one I would love to read more about.


would love the first one!!!!! My next choice would be the second one!!!

Patricia Casey

I like the first story but not so much the disfigurements. Maybe make him emotionally scarred by what he’s been through but incredibly handsome which draws women to him like flies to honey though he isn’t interested because he feels he is flawed!

Maria Acosta

I would like to read more about the first story that you mentioned. West Scottish Highlands 1564.

Laura T.

Definitely Conall’s story! I want to read it now!

Lisa J

The first and the second really caught my attention. It’s hard for me to choose between the two.

Cheryl Malason

I really like the second story in the Northern Highlands with Bree McDoonan. I would love to read how Bree adapts to the warriors home clan and find out who he really is!!!!


All 3 please. First one, then third, then second.


I agree, I would love to ready all three, but if I had to order 1, 3, 2


I would like to read the first two stories. In the orders that you written them.

april s

I would like to read stories 2,3 THEN 1…and I was curious-when will you be releasing any ebooks frm your prev print boooks? I love your older books and im dying to add more kindle books to my #s LOL

Diane P.

I think all of the books would be good reads, but I would like #3 or #2 in first place and #1 in third place. Will you ever be releasing as an ebook the sequel to Untamed Fire?