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DonnaFletcher HighlanderTheConqueror 800Finally, Highlander the Conqueror is available!

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1 month ago

Yeeesss, so excited to start it ASAP! Thank you 😊

26 days ago

Highlander The Conqueror is the third and final book of the Blood and Honor Highland Trilogy. Of the three I’ve read, this one is my favorite because Slayer and Sky remind me so much of Cree and Dawn, my favorite couple in all of Donna’s books. Slayer, like Cree, is well known as the fierce Highland warrior feared by many. While Sky, who is similar to Dawn, is perceived as helpless but has an inner strength that comes out when she protects those she loves. But while their personalities are pretty similar, Donna has a unique way of making her characters shine and bringing out their own share of unique qualities. Every turn of the page is always something you will look forward to. Slayer’s protectiveness over Sky and Sky’s gentle persuasion was refreshing and can make you all giddy. It was really pleasant to witness with each turn of the page.
I love how Donna weaved the story so that it coincides with the other two books. The third book starts with Sky’s rescue from Dundren Abbey, which was mentioned in the first book. She wrote it in a way that you would not get lost in the unfolding events even if you haven’t read the first two books. She was able to place important information that doesn’t sound out of place in the whole story that reading was really enjoyable.
All in all, it was an amazing read. The ending was wonderful and full of love and hope for the couple and their family. Donna has written another great story, and I can’t wait for her to weave another tale.

22 days ago

Slayer head of Gallowglass Warriors, must protect his slain brother wife Sky.
Sky being held in prison like conditions at the Abbey.
Slayer has several un forseen plots against the clan and Sky.
Sky unaccustom to speaking up or limited interaction with people in general must learn to trust and befriend the fearless Warrior especially since she cannot go into the woods with the animals who befriend her.
The plots thicken, Sky and her sisters lives are in constant danger, but not everyone has a fearless Warrior!

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