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Memorial Day Weekend Special... Free book!


Memorial Day weekend is only a few days away. I’m planning to try some new recipes on the barbecue, make a pitcher or two of some cold, thirst-quenching drinks, and kick back in my hammock with a good book, at least one day out of the three day weekend.


If you’re looking for a book or two this Memorial Day weekend, I have a special offer for you. Two of my e-books free.

San Francisco Surrender ┬áis the first book I got published and, of course, it is a favorite of mine. I still recall how my legs got weak when I saw it on the book store shelf. It is a memory I will always treasure. So, if you’d like to give it a read, click here and you can download it to your e-reader.



Highlander’s True Love A Cree & Dawn Short Story #1 is a great way to discover the Cree & Dawn Series if you haven’t done so yet. I love this couple and I especially love writing about Dawn who was born without a voice. She cannot speak, but that doesn’t stop her from being heard. Click here to download.

This is a limited time offer. So don’t wait, get your free e-copy now.


Wishing you a Memorial Day weekend filled with family & friends, great food, and a hammock calling your name!

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26 Comments on "Memorial Day Weekend Special… Free book!"

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Thank you for the recipes and the books. I too am looking forward to relaxing on the hammock and just enjoying the beautiful weather.

Fiona Muliett

Love your writting!! The books take me Away from everyday life and bring my stress down!

Heather Brown

Thank you

Jeanne Clark

Thank you, Donna, for the books! You have a great Memorial Day weekend!! <3

Heather Brown

Thank you love your books

Denise Riemer

Thanks for the free ebooks,love your writing I will enjoy the books a lot.

Aline F Lewis-Pack

Thank you for the books


love all of your books

Maria Rose

Have a Wonderful Memorial Day!!! Thank you so much on the best freebies ever!!!

Lori Hammons

Thank you for the books. We are going to an RV resort in a warm part of our state for the long weekend. It is in a Bavarian-themed tourist town with lots of fun shopping and restaurants.

Candy Briggs

I wanted to read true !I’ve but haven’t been a me to download. So thank you anyway, ice thought.

Marina Leonard

Thank you so much. I look forward to reading them.

Kathy A.

Thanks for the free book. I remember reading this book many years ago and I am going to enjoy reading it again. Parts of it I still remember, but other parts I have forgotten.

Enjoy your Memorial Holiday reading in your hammock!


Many thanks – can’t wait for the new ‘Highland Warrior’ series!

Billie Marshall

I enjoy your writings so thank you for your free books.

How is Cree’s training coming along? My Duchess (GS) says a Puppy Hi to yours.

Have a enjoyable Memorial Holiday!

Natasha baksh

I love your books

Sonya Gusman

Thank you so much! Have a blessed Memorial Day weekend!


I’ve had Cree & Dawn on my wish list and was excited to see your generous free book offer.

However, I, too, have been unable to download either of the books.

I cannot seem to locate any ‘download’ link or Amazon code to use.

I’ve listed the best email for my Fire.

Thanks for any assistance you can give me, Jo

Marie Gormley

Dear Donna
Thank you so much for your free book San Francisco Surrender. It mUst be about the only book of yours that I had not read and I really enjoyed it

Julieann Pappert

Thank you for the Holiday wishes and the same back to you and yours! Unfortunately I already own all of the wonderful works you offered but I can’t wait until your next release! Maybe I’ll just spend the weekend re-acquainting myself with these stories! Have a great Holiday!