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Meet the Macardle Sisters and their heroes!

DonnaFletcher HighlanderofMyHeart eCover 200 1Now that the Heroine & Hero Giveaway/Challenge is done, (go here to see who won) I can reveal what heroine is matched to what hero.

Highlander of My Heart, Book One

Sorrell and John/Ruddock

I couldn’t resist putting the stubborn and chatty Sorrell with a man who wanted nothing but quiet and solitude. John/Ruddock learns fast enough he’ll have no peace and quiet with Sorrell around, and that he’ll have his hands full with protecting her from the situations she endlessly gets herself into. Release date… mid to late March.

Desired by a Highlander, Book Two 

All is not what it seems with Slatter, and the adaptable Willow is the one person who can see through it all. Somewhere between secrets falsehoods lay the truth. Will Slatter ever speak it to her? And will she ever trust him? Tentative release date… July 2019.

Highlander Lord of Fire, Book Three

There was just no way I was going to give the mighty Lord of Fire, Tarass, anyone other than Snow. It’s a mismatch from the start or so he thinks. It takes him a while but he finally learns that Snow may be blind, but he’s the one who cannot see. Tentative release date… November 2019.

An excerpt from Highlander of My Heart will be going out to my newsletter subscribers in a few weeks. Subscribe now, if you haven’t already, so you don’t miss it. And watch for more updates on the Macardle Sisters Trilogy!

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Deborah Pangonis
Deborah Pangonis
5 years ago

Can not wait!

5 years ago

This series is going to be great!

joyce fowler
joyce fowler
5 years ago

Looking forward to the next Macadle Sisters Book! Love the story!

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