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Meet A Character Day... Paine from The King's Executioner!

I thought I’d do a Meet A Character Day where you’d get to find out a little bit about characters in my books. So every now and then I’ll post about a character from one of my books. It won’t always be about the hero or heroine. You never know who might pop up.

Today it’s about Paine from The King’s Executioner, book one in the Pict King Series. 

Paine, the King’s executioner knows more about suffering and death than any one person should, though it troubles him little. He does what must be done. He always has since fate has not been kind to him.

He learned firsthand that suffering can do only one of two things…destroy or make strong. And his strength knows no bounds. He has known little kindness or love for some time and he gives of no kindness and love, though there is one that he calls friend…Bog, a black wolf he healed when he was just a pup and who has remained by his side ever since.

When Paine enters a village, battleaxe in hand and Bog by his side, everyone scatters for they fear the executioner has come for one of them. They know all too well the power he wields, for he can bring unspeakable suffering or a hasty death.

There is a tale that the executioner does not have drawings and symbols painted on his body as all Picts do. His appear as if by magic whenever he makes one suffer or takes a life. It is said, by those who have seen him, that his muscled body is a work of art that is yet to be finished.

He is feared by men and women alike and there are stories of women who have lain with him, suffering unspeakable things. And yet the Mighty One saw fit to grace him with fine features, towering height, powerful strength, and bold green eyes seen only on a rare few.

Anyone Paine ever loved died and after losing so many loved ones it seemed only logical that he was the reason they died. Surely, he must be evil and so he changed his name from Paganus to Paine since that was what he brought people. He met the King before he became King. The King knows his past and it is the reason he asked Paine to be his executioner. He did not hesitate to accept, after all only evil could cause such constant suffering and death.

Paine will see his mission done for the King, though he had argued that he should not be the one to escort the future queen home. That privilege and duty belonged to King’s Talon most honored and trusted warrior…Wrath. But King Talon had insisted and Paine obeyed the King, for he was a wise man.

If you haven’t already read it, go here for purchase info.

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