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Me & My Musings Post 1


This is the start of my monthly Me & My Musings blog posts. You’ll never know what the post will be about. It could be something to do with my writing, my work-in-progress projects, research, wherever my musings take me.

And where has my musings taken me today? To why can’t I get a moment of peace from hunky heroes? Now someone else may not complain about such a dilemma, but it can become difficult. Especially when I’m out somewhere or in the middle of cooking, or gardening and all of a sudden a new character pops right into my thoughts.

What do I do with him? Most of them are persistent, after all they do want their story told, and I certainly understand that. The problem is that once the hero is in my thoughts, I can’t get him out of it, at least not until I work out his story.

What happens then is that I become so engrossed with his tale that I can’t think about anything else. I have to leave a store, stop cooking, or leave my garden for another day, since I just have to write about the hero.

Cree from the Highlander Trilogy was one of my most persistent heroes. He would not leave me alone, haunted me day and night. And while I presently enjoy two of the heroes in the Macinnes Sisters Trilogy, I have to admit that the hero in the third book is so shrouded in mystery that it’s me who is haunting him to learn more about him.

So I’m stuck with hunky heroes throughout the day. And I know what you’re all thinking…don’t complain…enjoy it!

And I am going to take your advice…so off I go to enjoy!

Until my next musing…happy reading!


 Look for more info on the Macinnes Sisters Trilogy coming soon.


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