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Look what's coming next!

The Pict King Series

The King’s Executioner, Book 1 Tentative release date late Dec. 2015 or early Jan. 2016

The King’s Warrior, Book 2

The King & His Queen, Book 3


The Picts were known as the ‘painted people’.  Since little was chronicled about them, mystery and myth surround them, leaving my imagination to run wild.  Though, there is a legend that fits the King who introduced himself to me and demanded I tell his story.

The legend says the first Pict King reigned for 100 years and he had seven sons and they spread out across the land that eventually became Alba and then Scotland. So journey with me back to the Early Middle Ages to a people that were barbarians to some, but to others they were mighty warriors, their honed bodies tattooed with symbols of importance and protection. To a people who were skilled craftsmen, builders, farmers, healers, and much more.

Journey with me to Pictland and meet the mighty King Talon…

babbling brook St. Kevin Monastic Site gelndalough Ireland 2013It is said the land is thick with woods that are magical and rolling hills covered in purple heather are everywhere. Lochs, streams, and seas run plentiful with fish and other creatures, and the sacred mist holds the mountain tops captive, freeing them briefly only now and again.

One man reigns over it all…King Talon. It is said that he can tame the wild beasts, calm the angry seas, and make the land tremble in fear when he walks upon it.

Relative peace prevails because of him, though there are some who seek to dethrone him. So far, they have not succeeded. King Talon conquers all in his path. Some believe he has struck a deal with evil while others insist that evil wants no part of him. Others claim he was sent from the Heavens, for only the Mighty One could create such fine features.

Men respect him and come from all regions to serve as one of his warriors—if accepted. And as for women, there is not a single woman who can satisfy him or touch his heart.

More importantly, however, is his legacy. He wants sons to send throughout the land so that when the tribes unite and form one powerful homeland, his blood will run through the man who unites them all. But the task of finding a wife who will give him many sons is proving difficult. After two childless marriages, tongues whisper that the mighty King is not capable of fathering a child. King Talon will soon silence the wagging tongues, for he will let nothing stop him from finding a child-bearing wife and securing his place in history.


The King’s Executioner

Book 1

The Pict King Series

Talon, King of the Picts, has entered into an agreement with Cathbad, overlord of the western region to wed his daughter Anin. Blyth, Anin’s mother, has given her husband four fine sons and King Talon hopes Anin will do the same for him. Unfortunately, Anin’s mother wants no part of the agreement. She intends for her daughter to live a pious life, free of a husband’s dictates, which is why she sent Anin away as soon as she learned of the marriage agreement. No amount of threats or persuasion will make Blyth confess her daughter’s whereabouts and so King Talon sends the one man he knows who can make the woman talk and bring Anin to him…his executioner.


If you want to read an excerpt of The King’s Executioner when it becomes available make sure to sign up for my Book Alerts (upper right corner at top of page).


To kickoff the new series, I’m holding a Mystery Giveaway! You could win a copy of The King’s Executioner or an Amazon Gift Card or both. You won’t find out until the winner is chosen. To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on the new series in the comment box. The Mystery Giveaway will run through September with the winner being announced Oct.1, 2015. The winner will be chosen through

Good luck all and look for more updates on The Pict King Series!

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30 Comments on "Look what’s coming next!"

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Lisa J

Can’t wait for another great series. The Picts were so interesting in the Warrior King series. I can’t wait to read all about them. Winter can’t come fast enough, which says a lot coming from someone in Minnesota.


Very exciting!!! I love the blurb on your forthcoming novel/series…I can’t wait!!! It sounds fantastic!!! Now to catch up on all your other novels I’m reading before Dec. ;)

Pat Giacabetti

Can’t wait !!!! I love series stories. Hurry Hurry Hurry

April Renn

WOW! I enjoy reading about the Picts and can’t wait for this one. Sounds very intriguing.
And a giveaway, just noticed that, but hey, I would love to win a copy of book 1. PERFECT!

Thanks for sharing!

Donna Armstrong Vice

I see a great Christmas idea. It is so much fun going back to the beginning. Can’t wait for the new Pict series.


Cant wait I love all your stories. I am always anxious for the next book!!!!!!!

Linda Morris

As usual… I’m intrigued. Looking forward to this new series, now trying to figure out if she falls in love with the executioner and he defies the King to be with her or if she is delivered to the King and they fall in love and it turns the King inside out…. Not sure which would be more enjoyable to read, lol… (Ok, I confess, want to see the King turned inside out by love)

Suszet Roberts

Loved the excerpt, I’ve only ever read one romance novel that spoke about them glad to see that someone else is interested. Can’t wait to see how the story of Talon plays out

April Renee Symes

I am super excited. The blurb sounds awesome. I cant wait for the end of the year to get here so we can read this new book. This sounds like a great new series. :-) Do you think this will be a 3 book series right now or possibly more ? TY

Ann Leeson

Can’t wait for more of your fab stories and this sounds intriguing

Teresa Reitnauer

Looking forward to this series!

Kimi Minion Court

I am so excited to read this. I cannot wait for them to come out.


October 1st is my birthday so I would love to win book 1 in this series… Then I would be happy. Verra happy


I can’t wait!! I’ve been curious about the Picts since you introduced them in the Warrior King series!!

Heather santoro siguenza
Heather santoro siguenza

This sounds to be an amazing new series not many on picts.can’t wait till first one releases

kathy jones

Have read all of your books. Love them. Keep them coming i can’t get. enough

Dianna Koch

Yay! Another great series to look forward too!! Love your books!!


Sounds exciting can’t wait to read. It sounds like a blend of Vikings and Scotts are coming.

Cristina Machado

Vow! A pict series, I always hope to something like its. Your Warrior king series already promised with a light Ancient Scottish touch.Can’wait to your pict heroes and heroines. Now, I’m curious if you also will write about Vikings in Scotland, really would love a Caitness/Orkney setting in Early Middle Ages. SUCCESS!!

CJ Malone

I just finished — and loved — the Warrior King series. So, I eagerly look forward to a series centered around the Picts. Love your books. Please, keep them coming! :)


sounds interesting

Beverly Ross

This looks like an exciting new series!! I can’t wait to read it!!

Jerilynn Rodriguez

Sounds really good!! I can’t wait to read it.

Debbie Keeton

Can’t wait to read the series. Love all your books!


Can’t wait for this new serie. Love your books #DawnandCree

Sujani Widyaratne

I have enjoyed every one of your books. Can’t wait to read the Picts. Waiting patiently for more books from you.

Thank you.

Kareth Ledford

Seriously can’t wait for this new series! I have loved all of your books and this series sounds like it will be right up my book junkie alley.

Tammy Bennett

I’ve read one book that briefly touched on the story of the Picts. I found it very interesting. Can’t wait to read this book.