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Introducing My New Trilogy... Highland Revenge Trilogy!

downloadAllow me to introduce you to… Highland Revenge Trilogy.  And, of course, as the title proclaims, it is all about revenge.

Book 1, Cherished By A Highlander release summer 2024

Book 2, Intrigued By A Highlander release fall 2024 (tentative)

Book 3, Highlander Lord of Vengeance release winter 2025 (tentative)


Here’s what book 1 is about…

Revenge consumes his thoughts… until he meets the healer.

Quint, a mercenary, is given an order by Lord Torrance of Clan Glencairn, the ruthless victor in a brutal battle. His task… bring the healer known as Shade to tend to the seriously injured Chieftain of Clan MacLeish who fled the battlefield. Torrance wants the chieftain alive to humiliate him a second time when he arrives to lay claim to Clan MacLeish.

Quint prefers to be on his way. He regrets taking part in the battle and wants nothing more to do with Lord Torrance. But Quint has secrets, and he is out for revenge. So, when he learns that someone, he has been searching for might be at Clan MacLeish, he eagerly accepts the mission. The problem is that the healer refuses to leave her home.

Shade is known for her exceptional healing skills. People come from all around for her to tend to their illnesses and she visits those nearby if needed. She has good reason to remain close to home, after a terrifying experience left her fearful of venturing far.

Quint doesn’t give her a choice. She is going to leave with him one way or the other. But an unexpected attempt on her life leaves her rethinking her decision. With him she is safe, or is she?

Shade leaves with Quint reluctantly, though it isn’t long before they face adversity. But who is truly in danger, Quint or Shade?

They drift together partly out of necessity and partly out of loneliness and they soon find something neither expected… love.

But will revenge find a way to separate them? Or will love triumph in this battle?

Watch for updates and news about Highland Revenge Trilogy. Presently, the book covers are in the works, and I will share them with you once they are done.



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