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I was busy working in my idea journal last night. It’s a journal that sees much activity. Whether it’s a plot line, character, or name that pops into my head… it goes into my idea journal. When the Sinclare brothers introduced themselves they went in it. I was busy working on two other books at the time and as I learned more about the brothers I added the info.
The journal is where I flesh out ideas. Some come to fruition whole others linger in limbo, though I don’t give up on them. Eventually, all the pieces fall into place and the story evolves. It may be a name that changes everything, or a plot that falls easily into place. After that, all the info for a single book or a series goes into a new notebook, with dividers. This is especially important for series books. As each book is written I may need to recall info on a particular character from another book, or perhaps what names I used on secondary characters… and there it is right at my fingertips. Plus all my research material is tucked in there as well.
My mini idea journal goes everywhere with me (tucked in my purse). You never know when or what will spark an idea. I then transfer the info into the larger journal.
After all this chatter about my idea journal, you may have realized that since I was working in the journal last night… could it be I got an idea for a new series?
Stay tuned to find out!

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