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Highland Secrets A Cree & Dawn Novel!

DonnaFletcher HighlandSecrets 200I’m so excited! Another Cree & Dawn book. The book is in the queue waiting to go live! Watch for the links to go live here!


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Very Disappointed
Very Disappointed
2 years ago

I could not get through this book. I did not like the heavy mysticism or forced Scottish dialect because it felt inauthentic to the other books in the series. It’s a shame because I was really looking forward to Cree and Dawn’s new story. Based on this book and the synopsis of the new trilogy I’ll be looking for other authors to read.

Anita negrete
Anita negrete
2 years ago

Yeah Scottish thing throw me to but hearing you added it in to please other readers was very selfless because as a writer your characters live in your head and have there own way of speaking it must of gone against the grain to do it So basically I loved it dawn was still her vibrant self and Cree was still his alpha self and there love was a beautiful thing. Mystery you had me stumped tell the end and I love a good mystery. So Donna not everyone is easy to please it’s ok to be the brilliant writer you are going to leave you five stars on Amazon A.S Wylie.

Chrissy G
Chrissy G
2 years ago

I just love Dawn and Cree! And this story did not disappoint. Their love is like no other and it chokes me up reading their stories.
I am looking forward to Tavia, Flora, and Fia’s stories. Torin has a rude awakening awaiting him lol. Was hoping to meet Bhric (such a man name) and Varrick, but I guess I will have to wait.
Thank you, Ms Donna for the great read. I can’t wait gor the next one!
✌ ❤ 😊

1 year ago

I loved this book. Yes, the dialect was a bit of a surprise, but so what? It didn’t detract from the story and they are Scottish. Well written, well crafted and a very good mystery. Another winner and will welcome any and all Dawn and Cree stories in the future with or without Scottish dialect.

11 months ago

I just finished the last of the Cree & Dawn series and LOVED IT!! This is the first series I read of Donna’s and I must day, I’m thirsty for more! I was wondering if there is going to be a book about Cavell. I figured The Scared Highlander could be about him, but since there is no synopsis, I was not sure. I think he should have his own story. I also think in the future there should be more C&D books, perhaps the next generation’s stories. Lizbeth definitely needs her own book!! Thanks for Cree & Dawn, I can’t wait to read the rest of your books!!

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