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Highland Oath and my garden!

pink flowers scaledYou’re probably wondering what Highland Oath the Prequel to Highland Promise Trilogy has to do with my garden. I spend most of my day writing and once I’m done, I need some down time, time for my imagination to slow–if that’s possible–and return to normal. Though what normal is is anybody’s guess.

My garden helps me do that. It helps me rest my mind so I can be ready for the next onslaught of characters demanding to be heard. In my down time of writing Highland Oath I’ve been planning my garden for this year. I do a lot of container gardening on my back deck. This way I can move the pots around if some flowers & herbs aren’t doing well in certain spots. So I’m always looking for new ideas for container gardening, which is what has been filling my down time lately, searching through magazines and online for ideas.

Of course, my characters only grant me so much time to myself before they invade my space once again. And I can’t say I mind. I’ve so enjoyed getting to know the Clan MacKinnon and I’m so looking forward for you to meet them. 

Hoping to have Highland Oath Prequel to Highland Promise Trilogy available by mid-March.


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