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Happy 4th of July!

BookBrushImage 2023 7 3 17 1944

On July 4th, our spirits soar,

As fireworks burst, with colors galore.

We gather as one, hearts filled with pride,

For the land of freedom, where dreams collide.



A symphony of stars, in the flag we wave,

Symbolizing the brave, the lives they gave.

In every heartbeat, the anthem resounds,

A celebration of liberty that knows no bounds.


From sea to shining sea, we stand in awe,

Of the sacrifices made, the freedoms we draw.

With grateful hearts, we honor the past,

And forge ahead, united, steadfast.


So let us rejoice, with joy unfurled,

For the birth of a nation, that lights up the world.

Happy Fourth of July, let our spirits fly,

In the land of the free, where dreams reach the sky.

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