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Great Review

Check out this great review by Robin at NOR (Night Owl Romance) for The Angel and The Highlander.
Still settling in, which means I have more boxes to unpack than I thought. And finishing the first book in a new series. Tell you more about it soon.
Also planning a special contest for Ronan’s book Highlander’s Forbidden Bride. Read about it soon right here on my blog!
At the end of July I’ll be posting the winner for my present contest. Still time to sign up for it. Send an e-mail to or leave a message in the comment box.
Hope every one’s having a great summer and enjoying some great reads!

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14 years ago

Can't wait to hear about the new book and have fun getting unpacked. Have a great weekend!

Donna Fletcher
Donna Fletcher
14 years ago

Thanks for the encouragement with the unpacking, I really need it. I'm beginning to hate boxes.
Hope your weekend is a good one!

14 years ago

Moving is such a chore. Packing and unpacking seem to take forever, don't they?

Looking forward to hearing about the new book!

Donna Fletcher
Donna Fletcher
14 years ago

True enough, Cheri, and where I couldn't get enough boxes to finish my packing, I now have way too many to get rid of!

14 years ago

Love contests. Thanks for offering one of your books.

Cheryl K

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