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Final Warrior King book...To Wed A Highlander Warrior

I’ve been getting tons of e-mail asking me about the last book in the Warrior King series… To Wed A Highlander Warrior. Many of you are taking guesses as to which brother is the true king. I have been leaving clues along the way in all the books and the last book answers everything.

As I’ve mentioned before and I will keep reminding everyone… the release date for To Wed A Highlander Warrior is the end of December 2012.

I’ve seen the cover and it’s fabulous and I can’t wait for you all to see it. As soon as I get the OK I’ll post it!

A big thanks to everyone who has been writing me about Bryce’s book A Warrior’s Promise. I will answer you, I promise, but please bear with me as I get through all the mail.  :)

And thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so supportive.

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Robyn Dear
Robyn Dear
9 years ago

Hi there, Ive boughts most of your books, and have loved reading them,. Please keep on writing,. Thanx

9 years ago

Can you get the last warrior king book out faster than December?