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Cree & Dawn & the Macardle Sisters of Courage Trilogy… puzzle!

DonnaFletcher MyHighlander 200You might be wondering what Cree & Dawn have to do with the Macardle Sisters of Courage Trilogy (my next trilogy), and what’s the puzzle?

It all started when I began planning My Highlander A Cree & Dawn Novel. There is a character in the book that I thought would make a great hero. I kept the thought in mind and when the Macardle Sisters of Courage Trilogy came to me, the hero from Cree & Dawn’s novel popped into my head. So I decided to make that character in My Highlander one of the heroes in the Macardle Sisters of Courage Trilogy.

The two other heroes from the Macardle trilogy will also make appearances in My Highlander. Now here’s the puzzle… you’ll need to figure out who the heroes are and which sister will get what hero.

You won’t meet the Macardle sisters in My Highlander, but you will learn about them and what they’ve been through. The one hero is easy to determine, but what sister he gets may not be so easy to figure out. I know you’re all savvy Highland romance readers, so let’s see if you can figure out this puzzle.

I’m going to run a contest for it, so be on the lookout for more details coming in October.

In the meantime, don’t forget to pre-order Highlander’s Magical Love A Cree & Dawn Novella, release date Sept. 20th!  KindleNookKoboitunes

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