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Coming soon... Sexual Appetites of Unearthly Creatures Novella Series.

You all know how much I love my Highlanders and I would never desert them, but when a group of paranormal heroes introduced themselves I couldn’t resist listening to their stories, and so the Sexual Appetites of Unearthly Creatures Novella Series was born.

Why novellas you might ask?

Good question and you can blame my Highlanders for that. They are all too impatient to have their stories told, so my writing time is limited. A novella is a perfect fit between my Highlander books, and a paranormal contemporary romance lets me spread my writing wings a bit.

Soon I’ll be revealing the cover of the first book in the series…Sexual Appetites of Vampires along with an excerpt. The release date is March.

Here a little background to the series and first book…

An editor at a major publishing house in New York, Vera Duluth, has an idea for a book titled Sexual Appetites of Unearthly Creatures; Fiction, Fantasy, or Fact? Each chapter will cover a different creature. She starts with vampires and hires blogger, Lara Bennett whose blog, I’m Not That Gullible, or am I?, tries to make sense of the unbelievable.

9k=Vera sends Lara upstate New York to a small town that supposedly was founded by vampires. A snowstorm hits and she finds herself stranded with Michael Valaine, a descendent of the founding family.

So do vampires exist or don’t they? Lara is about to find out.

Look for more about the Sexual Appetites of Unearthly Creatures Novella Series coming soon.

Also look for an update coming soon on The Highlander’s Stolen Heart, book 1 of the Macinnes Sisters Trilogy.


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Susan breckenridge
Susan breckenridge
7 years ago

Just found this at Amazon and read it, loved it. Can’t believe I missed one of your books! When is the next one about werewolves to be out??

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