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Sinclare Brothers series


Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Pamela Smith the winner of this week's contest!Monday I'll be posting the second week contest, so stop back and sign up to win...?You'll find out Monday!Have a great weekend everyone!

The Sinclare Brothers

When I first got the idea for the Sinclare brothers series I was so excited. I grabbed one of my big notebooks (I keep extras on hand) and got busy learning all about them. How were the brothers alike? How were they different? What type of woman would be good for each of them? What were their individual stories? And…

Busy Days

I'm busy writing Ronan's story. He keeps me up at night, but I don't mind he's suffered enough. Well, not quite. Even when he's reunited with his brothers, he doesn't feel as if he has, especially Cavan. There are things they need to talk about. And then there's the woman he loves... she's a lot to handle!But first there's Lachlan's…