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Busy Days

I’m busy writing Ronan’s story. He keeps me up at night, but I don’t mind he’s suffered enough. Well, not quite. Even when he’s reunited with his brothers, he doesn’t feel as if he has, especially Cavan. There are things they need to talk about. And then there’s the woman he loves… she’s a lot to handle!
But first there’s Lachlan’s story, The Angel and The Highlander which has a May 2009 release date. And again thanks for the many great e-mails regarding Under The Highlander’s Spell. But I must say that while all of you ask about the brothers you are most eager to read Ronan’s story.
So back to my keyboard and don’t forget to check out my blog and website now and again for updates.
Lachlan’s book cover coming soon!

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12 years ago

Just today I was introduced to the Sinclare brothers (Artair) and I’m so in love with the book and the characters that I’m excited to discover that there is another book to read (and one to look forward to on the near horizon and yet another in the distance). Thank you, Thank you!!!