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Busy days!

download 1Someone asked me the other day if I missed being in a relationship and I laughed. I told her I had more men than I could handle. And right now the cursed lord is a handful. There is also Cree and I so enjoy writing about him and Dawn. And the heroes coming up in my Highland Myths Trilogy are going to be hot to handle and yet I am looking forward to it.

Busy as I am, I sometimes neglect fixing a good meal for myself. It’s the reason I love casseroles. One pot shot. I found these 15 Fancy Casseroles to Impress recipes and thought I’d share them with you for those who are like me find there isn’t enough time in the day. There are a few that would work well for the coming holidays. 

I’m not posting on social media as much, again time is the issue. I’d rather be in more direct touch with my readers/friends here and through my newsletters. I love hearing from so many of you and what’s going on in your lives. Writing can be a solitary profession but I feel blessed to have so many reader/friends around the world who stay in touch.

Watch for my newsletter going out Tuesday, Oct. 26. There will be a freebie included and, of course, a joke, and who knows what else.

Watch for my next post coming soon!



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