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Updated May 2014


Macinnes Sisters Trilogy 

The Highlander’s Stolen Heart, Book One, release date June 2014, e-book & print.

Highlander’s Rebellious Love, Book Two, release date fall 2014

Highlander: The Dark Dragon, Book Three release date winter 2015

These three sisters couldn’t be more different and heaven help their men. The sisters are a handful. It’s been a joy getting to know them. Don’t have specific dates, but I will keep everyone posted.


Ranchero  Trilogy

Untamed Fire, book 1, available now as e-book

Renegade Love, book 2, available now as e-book & print

Book Three (yet titled) If you’ve read Renegade Love you have a good idea of who the hero is in the third book. And let me tell you Diablo is not an easy hero to write. He has a dark, dark past and is feared by all and rightfully so. He’s a challenge, especially to the heroine Crista. I must say the hero does intrigue me since I’m not sure if he can be redeemed. Hopefully, Crista sees it differently. No release date set yet.


Viking Trilogy

This trilogy is in the early stages of planning. I’m doing some research, always find that interesting, and just getting to know my Viking heroes. Release dates are yet to be determined for this trilogy.


Sexual Appetites of Unearthly Creatures Novella Series

Sexual Appetites of Vampires Novella 1 March 2014

Sexual Appetites of Werewolves Novella 2 release date TBD

You all know how much I love my Highlanders and I would never desert them, but when a group of paranormal heroes introduced themselves I couldn’t resist listening to their stories, and so the Sexual Appetites of Unearthly Creatures Novella Series was born. Why novellas you might ask? Good question and you can blame my Highlanders for that. They are all too impatient to have their stories told, so my writing time is limited. A novella is a perfect fit between my Highlander books, and a paranormal contemporary romance lets me spread my writing wings a bit. Look for more info on the series coming soon.


The Vikings are coming! Viking Trilogy in the planning stages.



Happy reading everyone!

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april s
april s
12 years ago

when will Tame My Wild Touch & Rebellious Bride be avaialable on e book in Nov? Will it be first or last part of Nov 2011? thanks 🙂

Book News updated! | Donna Fletcher
11 years ago

[…] that time again. Updates to Book News and due to Hurricane Sandy release dates got delayed. If you enjoyed this post, […]

11 years ago

I just wanted to say, I just finished reading the first Highlander books and I can’t wait to read the third book!!!
I loved watching Dawn grow. How she looked inside herself to become a brave, unselfish, powerful woman. I loved how she didn’t leave Cree. I’ve read so many books where the woman leaves the man she loves thinking it’s for the better. But instead Dawn trusts Cree’s love for her to keep her safe and their unborn babe. I loved their story and can’t wait to read move of their story and Wintra’s!!

11 years ago

Renegade love release date

10 years ago

Ms. Fletcher I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely LOVE your Highlander Trilogy!!! I’ve read hundreds of novels in my life and many more to come… and I must say that you are one of my favorites! I buy books/e-books weekly and every time that I’m shopping at Amazon I type your name in the search field looking for Highlander Trilogy. Can’t wait! Thank you!

Brandi Shearer
Brandi Shearer
10 years ago

I too love your books, but I am still waiting for the Highlander trilogy to become availible in Print book form. Can’t wait!

Brandi Shearer
Brandi Shearer
10 years ago
Reply to  Donna

It would be so nice if it came out around November 20 because that is my Birthday. That would make wonderful present for me! 🙂

5 years ago

I stumbled across one of your books about 2 years ago and I’ve been reading everything I can get my hands on since! I just finished re-reading the Irish series and I am wondering if there is a third coming out at any time ? Rath sounds like he would be an interesting hero…

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