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Book Cover... Highlander The Demon Lord

DonnaFletcher HighlanderTheDemonLord eCover 800


DonnaFletcher HighlanderTheDemonLord eCover 200

Will she save him?

Or descend into darkness with him?

Highlander The Demon Lord

Book 3 Highland Warriors Trilogy

Available late spring!


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6 years ago

Very excited to read the conclusion to this series and have all are questions answered.

Melody W
Melody W
6 years ago

I Can’t wait to read this 3rd book as the other two books were a totally enjoyable 5 star read. I can’t wait to meet Warrick as he seems as though he is the most savage of the bunch and I wonder what his heroine will be like! Keep us informed on when we can pre-order and thank you again for your wonderful stories that take us to “happy ever after”!

6 years ago

I am very excited to read Warrick’s story. I just loved reading the first two books. I really can’t wait to know the end of this wonderful series.

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