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Highland Secrets A Cree & Dawn Novel!

I’m so excited! Another Cree & Dawn book. The book is in the queue waiting to go live! Watch for…

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Updates on Cree & Dawn and Highlander Lord of Fire on Sale!

I have had such a wonderful time and was so excited to celebrate Cree & Dawn the entire month of…

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Cree & Dawn News & A Cree & Dawn Series Journal!

I’ve had the best time visiting with Cree & Dawn once again. I did not realize how much I missed…

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Happy St. Pat's Day!

May your day be filled with an abundance of smiles, hugs, & blessings!

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My Highlander on sale!

To continue the month-long Cree & Dawn Celebration… My Highlander A Cree & Dawn Novel is on sale for $2.99!…

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Gardens, Witches, and Cree & Dawn!

I often write about gardens in my Highlander books, but truth be told there is little known about gardens in…

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