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Many of you have already heard about my news through my newsletter, but for those of you who haven't... the first book, Pepper, the Highlander & the Dead Guy, of my new humorous romantic mystery series Pepper the Prepper is now available for pre-order. To find out all about it hop on over to Pepper's website. Have a look around…

Newsletter Delay!

My newsletter was to go out tomorrow, Aug. 25, but it's been delayed. Look for it next week!

What started my love of romance books!

If you've read my bio you know that my love of romance books began with the young adult romances (they were nowhere near what young adult romances are today) my mom so generously bought me when I was a young. But it was the first adult romance I read that truly captured my love of the genre.  The Foxes of…

The King's Executioner... $0.99!

Limited time! Grab it while it's on sale! The King’s Executioner. The future queen. A forbidden love. The King’s executioner is feared by all, and rightfully so. He has the power to bring great suffering and with one swing of his double-sided axe a swift death. He is sent to collect the future Queen and deliver her to the King,…

A question about social media!

I sent a question to my newsletter subscribers and I'm going to post the same question here since I would like to get as much feedback as possible. I see countless authors sharing much of their lives on social media which has brought me to the realization that I lead a very ordinary life. I spend the majority of my…