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Autumn is almost here and so is The Condemned Highlander!

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I can’t believe autumn is around the corner. I feel like I just planted my summer garden and now it’s time for mums, pumpkins, and scarecrows. However, I have had the joy of autumn many months now. Let me explain why.

All three books plus the prequel of Highland Trilogy start out in autumn when Elysia, Annis, and Bliss are separated. Elysia remains home, while Annis goes on a quest to find a way to break the curse that has haunted the three cursed lords, and Bliss leaves to make good on the bargain she struck to protect her sisters. She wed the worst cursed lord out of the three… Lord Rannick.

The books run on a simultaneous timeline, which means they all start out where Highland Intrigue the Prequel left off. The love stories have their happy ending in each book because romance books always have happily ever after, but there is a main story arc that carries through the three books and will culminate in the third book, Highlander The Cursed Lord, Bliss & Rannick’s story.

It won’t be long now when book 2, The Condemned Highlander, Annis & Brogan’s story, will be ready to release. I loved working with this couple. Annis has a mind of her own and a tongue that speaks her mind. She has no interest in falling in love, at least she never thought she would… until Brogan. He stole my heart with his patience, charm, teasing nature, and the way he protects Annis, and often suffers for it. They are a memorable couple.

Watch for more news on the release of The Condemned Highlander!

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2 years ago

Cannot wait. I am rereading silent highlander to get ready. So exited

Jan Hampton
Jan Hampton
2 years ago

I love your mystery in the Highlands. It gives an interesting spin to the stories.

2 years ago

I can’t wait! Started reading the first two so the story will be fresh in my mind. Then I’m traveling in the Highlands so it’s really making the story come to life!! Keep searching for all my Highlanders. Including Cree!!?

2 years ago

I love this series I keep waiting for the next book !!!!

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