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Another Update on Highlander The Conqueror

DonnaFletcher HighlanderTheConqueror 200Update on Highlander the Conqueror, third book in Blood & Honor Highland Trilogy… I am not happy to tell you that the book might be delayed but I am even more unhappy about the reason. Cree, my German Shephard for those who don’t know about him, had to have unexpected surgery. He tore his ACL and he had a new procedure done that will take about three months to heal. In the meantime, he requires a lot of attention, and it has robbed me of some of my writing time. Hopefully, I can make up for the lost time and deliver the book not long after the expected date of mid-to-late April. I will keep you updated through my newsletters and in my blog posts. Unfortunately, this delays other planned books as well. I am just relieved that Cree got through the surgery well and is doing good. The constant attention he first needed is dwindling and I hope to resume my regular writing schedule soon as well as putting in more hours at the computer.


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2 months ago

Do you have an update 🙂

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