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Ageless Love

I was out to supper with a friend who was visiting from out-of-state last night. She was in the throes of falling in love and went on and on about this wonderful man she had met in an art class. She was proof positive that people glow when they’re in love, since she was absolutely radiant. She laughed and giggled between sharing the details of their budding relationship.
He had sent her flowers after their first date, her favorite, a mixed bouquet with a card that read, Busy tonight? They had spent almost every day together and endless hours on the phone. They both had been a bit apprehensive about meeting the other’s children, but that had turned out better than expected.
She went on to tell me how they were taking another art class together and had signed up for an art history class. With their shared interest in art they hoped to travel to Italy and France and tour the museums.
She confessed that she had known love before, though nothing like this. To her she had finally found true love. He was her hero and she glowed even more when she told me that he was dynamite in bed.
She admitted that she had given up on love after her divorce ten years ago, but love hadn’t given up on her. Her new love joined us for dessert. He presented her with a red rose and me with a yellow one. I could see in his eyes and how attentive he was to her that he truly loved her. They were a perfect match.
They left me at my car and I watched them walk away hand in hand, stop for a kiss and continue to their car, hands still clasped.
My friend was right about love. It never gives up on anyone no matter what.
My friend is 72 years young and she’s found true love.

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