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A taste of the Dark Dragon

A brief scene from Highlander’s Rebellious Love where Patience comes face to face, sort of, with the Dark Dragon.

DonnaFletcher_TheHighlandersRebelliousLove_200pxWith Patience’s arrow returned to the cache and her bow draped over it, she started foraging. Many plants still needed maturing, while some young plants could be tasty. Wild onions were tasty at any time and would flavor a weed stew as Heather liked to refer to it. She had shown Patience and Emma how to easily cook one if it should ever prove necessary and Patience wished she could hug her right now for having taught them.

She circled around to make her way back to the cottage with enough plants to make a filling stew, when a voice called out in her head.

He comes!

Patience dropped the armful of plants and grabbed for her bow, but before she could reach for an arrow a voice echoed through the woods.

“Do not dare draw a weapon against me!”

Patience turned slowly, knowing who she was about to face, though she wondered if he was half beast for he spoke with a growl. She almost gasped when she laid eyes on him, and she was relieved that he stood a distance away from her, for there was no doubting that it was the Dark Dragon.

He wore a black metal helmet etched with symbols unknown to Patience. The helmet covered all but his eyes and the tip of his chin, making him appear all the more fearsome. Black leather armor covered his entire body, defining his thick-muscled frame, while hardened leather spikes ran along his shoulders and down his upper arms, warning all to keep their distance.

Patience had never liked the taste of fear and had always fought against it, but seeing this giant of a warrior encased in black made her tremble, for it was as if pure evil stood in front of her. And that evil had her sister.

With quivering limbs, she took a step forward. “When do I see my sister Heather?”

His voice rang with authority. “When I so choose.”

Patience held her tongue and her temper, though she wanted to lash out at him and scream that he had no right to keep her sister. But her warrior side warned against such a foolish response.

“Two days and you and your husband are to leave this place,” he commanded.

She did not bother to ask or else, for she knew if they did not obey his ghost warriors would see that they did.

“Do not dare defy me, Patience.” He turned and walked off, consuming the shadows that embraced him.

Patience stood staring after him, her body trembling more than before. He had said little, but had spoken volumes. His visit had one purpose… to warn her against disobeying him. The problem was that she was never good at being obedient, but then she had never met a warrior that made her quiver with fear.

With shaking hands, she gathered up the plants she had dropped and made her way back to the cottage, her mind on her sister. How was sweet, kind Heather dealing with such a menacing man?  She could only imagine the fear Heather must feel. She had to see her. She had to know that she had not been harmed. Once she saw that for herself, then she could concentrate on the obvious… how to combat such a formidable warrior?

She reached the cottage as the first drop of rain splashed on the ground. The door sat open and she entered, though paid little attention to the fine job Hunter had done of making the place habitable. She dropped the plants on the table and stared at her husband.

“What is wrong?” he asked concerned by how pale his wife was.

“I met the Dark Dragon.”


Book one and two of the Macinnes Sisters Trilogy;The Highlander’s Stolen Heart and Highlander’s Rebellious Love available now! Book three, Highlander: The Dark Dragon available late winter 2015.

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Catherine Wester
Catherine Wester
9 years ago

Looking forward to this story, to know why he kidnapped the sister

Tracy E
Tracy E
9 years ago

Please say that late winter 2015 is February and not December 🙂

9 years ago

Hi I was wondering when highlanders rebellious love will be available in print

9 years ago

cant wait for it to come out.

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