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images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR93kpnawsMoGgOJCg4mbjTomorrow (April 17) Legendary Warrior, Dark Warrior, The Daring Twin and The Bewitching Twin will be available to purchase as e-books and only $4.99 each. Of course you can always pre-order for your Nook or Kindle.

I have to admit I love the pre-order button. When I see that a favorite author of mine has a book coming out I just hit pre-order. If I left it to memory there’d be no telling when I’d get it. This way I turn on my Kindle, check to see if I have new downloads and bingo I have new books to read.

Many of you have written to tell me that you’ve pre-ordered A Warrior’s Promise, release date April 24th.  Much appreciated!

For those who haven’t and would like to:

A Warrior’s Promise — Kindle

A Warrior’s Promise – Nook

What’s next? Untamed Fire, an older book of mine will be available as an e-book in June. Stay tuned for more news coming your way.

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