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The Irish Devil


Short Story Collection coming soon...

So many of you have been asking for some time now if I could put the short stories, I've written about existing characters and have appeared on my blog, in a collection that you could read at your leisure. I'm pleased to present my Short Story Collection cover and to let you know that the collection will be available soon…

Wicked Wednesdays in August

There is nothing like a wicked hero to keep you reading. So for Wicked Wednesdays in August I’m going to be writing about wicked heroes that I never got a chance to write about and future ones. There was a wicked hero who unexpectedly popped into one of my books and many of you asked if he would have his…

Interview and More at Happily Ever After Thoughts

Did an interview over at Happily Ever After Thoughts. Hop on over and pay a visit and if you leave a comment you get a chance to win a $10 Amazon gift card. Hope to see you there. :)