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Scottish Historical romance


Sizzling Sundays...Macinnes Sisters Book One

I couldn't let Sizzling Sundays go by without tossing in the Macinnes Sisters book. I don't have a title for any of the books yet, but this excerpt is from book one and is about Emma Macinnes, the plain sister and Rogan the hero who has been promised in marriage to Heather, the oldest and most beautiful sister. Something is…

Silent Trilogy

It’s time to let you know about my Silent Trilogy. The hero and heroine in these books have made themselves known to me for some time. I had been so busy with other projects that I hadn't been able to devote any time to them. Until late one night when the house was quiet and it seemed that the whole…

Guest Blogging at Stitch-Read-Cook Today

Want to see what a typical day of mine is like then check out A Day in the Life blog at... Stitch-Read-Cook!

Legendary Warrior & Dark Warrior Update

I'm thrilled to announce that two of my older books, actually the first two I wrote for Avon, Legendary Warrior and Dark Warrior will be available on Kindle and Nook as well as other e-book devices on April 17. You can pre-order now if you'd like. Legendary Warrior Kindle Legendary Warrior Nook Dark Warrior Kindle     Dark Warrior Nook  …

Macinnes Sisters Book One Excerpt...

Emma rode hard, praying as she went. The rain started a short time later. It wasn’t long before it was pouring buckets and not long before she was soaked through, her wool cloak doing little to keep her dry. She kept going wiping the rain from her eyes and holding back her tears. The MacClennan village came into view over…