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Scottish Historical romance


Excerpt...The Highlander's Stolen Heart

Emma woke with a start. Had she heard someone call her name or had she been dreaming? She laid there, the campfire having dwindled to embers and the camp itself eerily silent. Not a soul stirred, nor a sound could be heard. She knew that guards had been posted on the perimeters of the camp, so they were well protected,…

The Highlander's Stolen Heart cover & excerpt...

  ~~~~ Rogan dropped Emma to her feet once in a small bedchamber and slammed the door, then turned on her. “You will watch your foolish tongue or suffer for it the next time. I understand you are upset and that you have ridden hard to get here and get help for your sister, but you are here and you…

Update The Highlander's Stolen Heart

Tomorrow (3/7/2014) I'll be revealing the cover of Highlander's Stolen Heart, the first book in the Macinnes Sister's Trilogy. I'll also be including a brief excerpt. So far the book is still on schedule for late spring release. Check back tomorrow and learn more about The Highlander's Stolen Heart.

Happy Thanksgiving, a big thank you & a brief update...

Wishing all a happy and loving Gobble Gobble Day! Thanksgiving is not only for enjoying a bountiful feast with family and friends but to give thanks and I want to thank you all for being such supportive fans and patient ones too. It wasn't easy recovering from Hurricane Sandy this past year and it especially wasn't easy to get my…

Highlander's Captive Now Available!

Kindle Nook Kobo Smashwords There is a brief delay in the print editions for all three books, but they all will be available in print sometime this week. Hope you enjoy! I loved, absolutely loved, writing this trilogy!