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Scottish Historical romance


Happy Thanksgiving, a big thank you & a brief update...

Wishing all a happy and loving Gobble Gobble Day! Thanksgiving is not only for enjoying a bountiful feast with family and friends but to give thanks and I want to thank you all for being such supportive fans and patient ones too. It wasn't easy recovering from Hurricane Sandy this past year and it especially wasn't easy to get my…

Highlander's Captive Now Available!

Kindle Nook Kobo Smashwords There is a brief delay in the print editions for all three books, but they all will be available in print sometime this week. Hope you enjoy! I loved, absolutely loved, writing this trilogy!

Highlander's Captive... almost time!

It's almost time for the release of Highlander's Captive, third book in the Highlander Trilogy! If you want to be notified of when it's available  with links to be able to purchase the book, send an e-mail from here with Highlander's Captive in the message box. If you haven't read the other two yet here's where you can get them...…

Book Marks...

I get requests for book marks now and again, so for those of you who are interested... I just had a new one done by The Killion Group. Here's what it looks like (front & back)...            If you would like one for yourself or a friend or two, or if you would like some for…

Here it is... Highlander's Captive Cover

A big thanks to the talented Kim Killion, The Killion Group Inc. for the fantastic cover! Look for an excerpt from Highlander's Captive coming in the next couple of days! Release date... Fall 2013