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Embraced By A Highlander


Excerpt... Embraced By A Highlander

An excerpt to tempt you... Embraced By A Highlander, book 2 Highland Warriors Trilogy. Available the end of November! ~~~~~~~~~~~ Hannah eyed the three women skeptically. They huddled together whispering… about her. While most had ignored her arrival at the village, the older woman had been kind enough to give her a piece of bread and cheese. It had been…

Embraced By A Highlander Cover Reveal & Fantastical Marvelous Giveaway!

Embraced By A Highlander will be available late November or early December, though if a miracle should happen it may be earlier than that. :) New book calls for new giveaway! ~~~ The Fantastical Marvelous Giveaway $150.00 Amazon gift card 1st place & an e-copy of Embraced By A Highlander $75.00   Amazon gift card 2nd place & an e-copy…