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Cree & Dawn Short Stories Vol. 1

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Highlander’s True Love

With the birth of the twins, Cree and Dawn have been busy and longing for some private time together. When it appears they just may finally have it, Cree is summoned to the Great Hall. He is not only angry that his time with his wife has been interrupted, but that a woman demands to see him.

Cree grows more annoyed when he discovers the woman has a lad of two years with her and she claims the lad is his son.

Is the woman telling the truth?
Is the lad Cree’s son?
If not, then who is she and what does she want with Cree?

Highlander’s Promise

Dawn nearly collapses when she receives word that Cree has been imprisoned, falsely accused of a crime. Sloan and Cree’s warriors will do their best to attempt to free him, but with Cree being held in an impenetrable dungeon the prospect of freeing him appears doubtful.

Dawn’s heart breaks at the thought that she may never see her husband again. And so her decision is an easy one…she will go rescue him.

Highlander’s Winter Tale

A blinding snowstorm forces some villagers to seek the safety of the keep and Old Mary entertains all with a tale—Winter Tale—that enthralls as much as it frightens.At the end of the tale, a stranger suddenly appears and peculiar things begin to happen in the keep.

Could the tale be true?
Did Old Mary release the evil of the Winter Tale upon the village?

Cree will not hear of such nonsense, but when some in the keep begin to fall ill along with Old Mary and Elsa, the healer, Cree begins to wonder. And he knows it will not be long before his wife does as she pleases and searches for the truth, possibly placing herself in danger.

Is the stranger a mere man who seeks shelter from the storm or the phantom of Winter Tale?

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The Details

Published: January 26, 2016
Publisher: Donna Fletcher
Formats: Paperback
ISBN-10: 1523476842 ISBN-13: 978-1523476848
Genres & Tropes
Scottish Romance, Highland Romance, Highlanders, Scotland, Historical Romance

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