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Untamed Fire

Book 1: The Ranchero Trilogy

About the Book

Can he tame her untamed fire? Or will she teach him to release his own?

Gaby Alvardo, driven by a desperate need to aid her injured brother, seizes a ranchero’s horse, setting off a chain of events that will intertwine her fate with that of the formidable ranch owner, Raphael Cabrillo.

Raphael, incensed by what he deems as theft, sentences Gaby to an unusual penance—six months serving as companion to his ailing mother. His intention? To curb her untamed spirit, a spirit that defies conventions, from her refusal to wear shoes to her clandestine moonlit dances and impromptu picnics with his ailing mother. Yet, in the midst of his determination to rein her in, Gaby’s unyielding nature stirs Raphael in ways he never imagined.

As their lives become irrevocably entangled, a dangerous threat emerges, targeting Gaby. Raphael, faced with the harrowing possibility of losing her, finds himself compelled to shield the very woman he sought to tame.

Amidst the clash of their wills, the question remains… will Raphael succeed in molding Gaby to fit his world, or will he succumb to the allure of the unbridled passion that defines her, ultimately surrendering to the wild, untamed fire that burns within her?

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The Details

Published: May 26, 2012
Publisher: Donna Fletcher
Formats: Ebook
Genres & Tropes
Western Romance, Historical Romance

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