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Irish Hope

Book 2: Irish Duo

About the Book

Meet Lady Hope, a spirited soul with a lineage that traces back to the high kings of Ireland, where destiny’s call beckons her toward the thrill of adventure, just as she stands on the precipice of an arranged marriage that threatens to stifle her free spirit. Unwilling to yield to a life of conformity, she embarks on a daring journey, taking on the guise of a young lad. Accompanied by her loyal yet somewhat timid dog, Lady Gwyneth, she sets forth, unaware that the path to adventure can be treacherous… especially when it leads straight to matters of the heart.

Enter Colin of Shanekill, a master of charm who can effortlessly captivate any woman’s attention and conquer the mightiest warriors in battle. Despite his prowess, true love has remained elusive, or perhaps he’s been adept at evading its grasp. Tasked by the enigmatic Irish Devil to locate Lady Hope, the wayward aristocrat who has fled from her responsibilities, Colin stumbles upon a young lad named Harold, caught in dire circumstances. He takes the young lad under his wing, providing not just care, but also imparting the essential lessons of manhood and the art of winning a woman’s heart.

As fate twists and identities are unveiled, the lines between charmer and the impulsive Lady Hope blur. Will Colin, the charmer, succeed in tempting the daring and impetuous Lady Hope, or will she, in turn, teach him the most profound lesson of all—how to finally embrace and experience the transformative power of true love? In this tale of adventure, identity, and the boundless journey of the heart, watch as Lady Hope and Colin navigate the uncharted waters of passion, where the allure of adventure and the irresistible pull of love collide.

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The Details

Published: February 3, 2011
Publisher: Donna Fletcher
Formats: Ebook
Genres & Tropes
Irish Romance, Historical Romance

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