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Highlanders Short Stories Vol. 1

A Highlanders Short Story Collection

About the Book

Missing some of the characters from Donna Fletcher’s numerous Highlander books?

In her Highlander Short Story Collection, Volume One, you can once again visit with The Irish Devil and his wife Faith when Eric goes in search of a little creature who is tormenting his clan in One Night of Love & The Hobgoblin. Will the Irish Devil catch the tormenting, little creature and finally bring peace to the village?

Enjoy a holiday story with Cavan and Honora from Return of the Rogue in Christmas Love. Honora is abducted while all are busy getting ready for the Sinclare brothers’ mum’s nuptials. Will Cavan rescue his wife before it’s too late?

You’ll find out what’s happening with Royce and Brianna from Love Me Forever in the Christmas Ghost. Can Royce take on and conquer the relentless, Christmas ghost before he slips away only to return again next year?

In Curse Beware you’ll discover what sends Reeve on a journey that eventually will have him meeting Tara, a woman marked with a curse. This is a prelude to Reeve and Tara’s story, Loved By A Warrior.

And, of course, the collection wouldn’t be complete without one of Cree & Dawn’s short stories. A woman arrives on Cree and Dawn’s doorstep claiming Cree is the father of her son. Could it possibly be true? Find out in Highlander’s True Love.

All together in one collection for you to enjoy at your leisure.

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The Details

Published: July 31, 2018
Publisher: Donna Fletcher
Formats: Ebook
Genres & Tropes
Scottish Romance, Highland Romance, Highlanders, Scotland, Historical Romance

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