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The Fierce Highlander

Book 2: Blood & Honor Highland Trilogy

About the Book

Noble is a fierce Gallowglass warrior, his reputation unwavering, his demands for respect and obedience from his warriors unyielding and he expects the same from the woman he weds. He accepts a marriage arrangement to a woman who needs protection in exchange for something he thought was merely a dream. But his dream is about to turn into a nightmare when he meets his wife.

Leora’s life was shaped by the promise her father made, the promise that she would have the freedom to choose her own husband. However, unforeseen circumstances force her father to make the decision for her. Her life is in danger and her father chooses someone who can protect her and keep her safe… a Gallowglass warrior, an elite mercenary, a man who can shield her from harm.

When Noble arrives to claim his bride, he is met with Leora’s unwavering refusal to accompany him willingly. He shocks her when he threatens to physically remove her if she does not comply. It is her sister Elsie who provides her with a compelling reason to leave with her new husband. Hidden within this journey is a chance to determine the fate of their beloved sister Sky, who has taken refuge with Lord Slayer, the formidable leader of the Gallowglass. Leora is torn between concerns for Sky’s safety and her own independence, as her destination lies not far from Lord Slayer’s clan.

The fierce warrior and the unyielding woman collide head-on from their very first encounter, sparks of discord flying between them. However, amidst their clashes, they begin to discover an unexpected truth… they share more in common than they could have ever imagined. Their similarities, concealed beneath layers of pride and stubbornness, gradually surface as they navigate the perilous terrain of their pre-arranged union.

As attempts on Leora’s life intensify and the mystery surrounding her true identity deepens, their bond strengthens. With each challenge they face together, they find themselves inching closer to something neither of them anticipated… falling love, a force as formidable as any opponent they’ve encountered. In the heart of their tumultuous journey, amidst danger and deception, and the possibility of losing each other, it is their love, that in the end, saves them both.

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The Details

Published: Now Available
Publisher: Donna Fletcher
Formats: EbookPaperback

Genres & Tropes
Highland Historical Romance, Scottish Historical Romance, Historical Romance Mystery, Historical Romance Intrigue

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