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What’s Happening in 2016?

downloadAt the start of the New Year, I always plan an aggressive writing schedule for myself. Then I realize that there are only so many hours in a day, not to mention those unexpected times that life throws at you. So, I’m going to share with you my list of what I would like to accomplish in 2016 and I’d like you to share with me your list of what you would want to see from me in 2016!


The Pict King series

The King’s Executioner, Book 1 – Spring 2016

The King’s Warrior, Book 2  – Summer 2016

The King & His Queen, Book 3 – late 2016

2 Cree & Dawn Short Stories – release dates in 2016 to be determined.

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Want to read the first chapter of Highlander’s Winter Tale?


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Great deals on the Wyrdd Witch Series

If you haven’t met the Wyrrd (pronounced word not weird) witches yet here’s your chance. To celebrate the new covers…new prices!

DonnaFletcher_TheWeddingSpell_200pxThe Wedding Spell $.99

Alisande Wyrrd needs to find a lover. She’s a three hundred year old witch who needs her energy recharged and she’s particular about who she wants it to be… she wants a mortal. She decides on Sebastian Wainwright, a powerful and practical businessman who has no time for nonsense and does not believe in magic.

Alisande lets him know that she’s a witch when they first meet and though Sebastian believes her eccentric or perhaps a bit nuts, there’s no denying her beauty or that she’s one seductive woman.

With a touch of witchery Ali weaves a magical spell that can have dire circumstances for her and Sebastian. But she believes in the power of love and she believes that this mortal man will, in the end, cast a spell of his own and unite their hearts.

Available: Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Apple

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Final part of One Night of Love and the Hobgoblin

Ear-splitting screeches ripped through the woods and Eric fought to keep hold of the struggling hobgoblin. He would have liked to give the creature a sound thrashing for all the troubles he had caused, but he was from the Other World and like it or not Eric had to be cautious in his actions.

The best thing for him to do was to find out why the little creature had been such a nuisance and send him home where he belonged never to step foot on Shanekill land again.

Eric gave the squirming sack a good shake and this time it was a woeful shout that pierced the air.

“Eric, please put him down,” Faith said, resting a tender hand to his arm.

He had no intentions of complying with his wife’s request, but her gentle touch and the soulful look in her lovely eyes made him think twice.

“Trust me,” she whispered.

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