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Final part of One Night of Love and the Hobgoblin

Ear-splitting screeches ripped through the woods and Eric fought to keep hold of the struggling hobgoblin. He would have liked to give the creature a sound thrashing for all the troubles he had caused, but he was from the Other World and like it or not Eric had to be cautious in his actions.

The best thing for him to do was to find out why the little creature had been such a nuisance and send him home where he belonged never to step foot on Shanekill land again.

Eric gave the squirming sack a good shake and this time it was a woeful shout that pierced the air.

“Eric, please put him down,” Faith said, resting a tender hand to his arm.

He had no intentions of complying with his wife’s request, but her gentle touch and the soulful look in her lovely eyes made him think twice.

“Trust me,” she whispered.

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DonnaFletcher_HighlandersWinterTale_200pxAn excerpt of Highlander’s Winter Tale A Cree & Dawn Short Story will be sent out to my Book Alert List some time in November.

Look for the cover reveal of The King’s Executioner, also in November. In December an excerpt of The King’s Executioner will be sent to my Book Alert List. So, if you don’t want to miss the excerpts subscribe now.

Fingers crossed, or I should say with fingers typing away, Highlander’s Winter Tale A Cree & Dawn Short Story will be available in time for Christmas.

I’m still not sure of a release date for The King’s Executioner, though it looks like it will probably be some time in February 2016. I will keep you posted.

Lots more in the works for 2016. Will let you know more along the way! Now back to work so I can get everything to you sooner rather than later!

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One Night of Love & the Hobgoblin Part 3


The Irish Devil stormed through the village, nostrils flaring and his eyes filled with fiery anger. When he didn’t find Faith in her healing cottage his frustration mounted and his strides hastened. The villagers were quick to retreat from his sight and fearful of what they saw. Not only was the Irish Devil angry beyond measure, he also bore the marks of the hobgoblin.

Eric stopped abruptly in the middle of the village and called out, “Listen all and listen well.”

The villagers reluctantly paid heed and gathered closer to their chieftain.

Eric raised his bloody arms. “You all see that I met the hobgoblin. The creature has yet to be sent home to the Other World, but I promise you that before this day ends he will be no more, for I will see him dead!”

Gasps filled the air. No one ever killed a creature from the Other World. It just wasn’t possible and it wasn’t wise. They were too powerful, but then an Other World creature had never come up against the Irish Devil.

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One Night of Love and the Hobgoblin Part 2

Eric kissed his wife Faith, a prelude of what was to come tonight when he made love to her. He wanted to remind her of what she was missing even though she had admitted as much; he wanted to leave her with a stronger reminder.

He, of course, had missed the taste of her as well and so he lingered in the thirsty kiss that satisfied but didn’t quite fully quench his thirst, or Faith’s. It was obvious they both wanted more, their bodies demanded it, drifting ever closer until they looked as if they would meld together. And he certainly wanted to meld.

Eric stopped the kiss, though he would have much preferred to linger in it. That however would be too dangerous, for he would want more than a kiss from Faith; he would want all of her.  And at the moment he had to catch an insufferable hobgoblin that had put the fear in the hearts of his people and had kept him and his wife apart.

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New covers for old favorites…

DonnaFletcher_IsleOfLies_200Moira Maclean is summoned by Mother Abbess in the dead of night. Frightened and worried and with no time to dress, she rushes in her night dress and bare feet to discover disturbing news. Her father and brothers have been killed by a rival clan and it is her father’s dying wish that she wed the Highlander warrior he sent to keep her safe.

The stranger appears to have come directly from the battlefield and Moira has little choice but to obey her father’s dying wish. A hasty ceremony and equally hasty consummation, and it’s over, though Moira soon finds that… it has only just begun.

Her father arrives and she learns that the warrior she wed, Ian of the clan Cameron, is her father’s mortal enemy. A bargain is struck between the two men and she is once again left at the convent to live out her days.

But danger lurks in the shadows and Moira carries a secret she’s been warned not to share and with her life in peril Ian returns to take his wife home. It doesn’t take long for Ian to realize that Moira has the power to heal his broken heart and that he has the power to wake her dormant passion and love has the power to bring the unlikely pair together.

Available: Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Apple

DonnaFletcher_LoveMeForever_200Brianna Cameron has had a difficult married life. Finally free of an abusive husband, she’s now content to live with her brother Ian and his wife Moira of the clan Maclean. Life, at last, is good for Brianna, but not for long. A carriage accident leaves her alone and badly wounded in the woods. She fears for her fate and when a stranger approaches and she catches sight of his face… she screams herself into unconsciousness.

Royce didn’t intend to frighten the injured beauty… he simply wants to help her heal. Left terribly scarred by a recent battle Royce has sought solitude to help heal more than just his wounds.

Brianna finds it difficult to trust any man, but the badly scarred Highlander warrior is gentle and kind to her and it isn’t only her body he helps to heal but also her heart.

But Royce has a secret that could destroy their love and when danger threatens Brianna’s life, it’s the powerful Highlander warrior that comes to her rescue and seals their fate.

Available: Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Apple

One Night of Love & the Hobgoblin Part 1

One Night of Love & the Hobgoblin

Based on characters from the book The Irish Devil

            Eric of Shanekill could take no more. He flung the long, black wool cloak he had grabbed before leaving the keep around his wide shoulders and stomped through the village looking as fierce and potent as the name bestowed on him— Irish Devil. Everyone scurried out of his way, making certain to stay clear of him. It mattered not, he paid them no heed. His thoughts were on one thing and one thing only, his wife Faith. He had had enough and he was going to settle it here and now with her, whether she wanted to or not.

When he woke a couple of hours ago and reached out to take her in his arms as he did most mornings, to hug her close, feel her warmth, her softness, to drink in her beauty and remind himself how lucky he was to have her as his wife, he had found her gone.

Not that her absence in their bed was an uncommon thing, but of late it had become more so. He understood that as the village healer she felt a duty to the people, but she also had a duty to him… her husband. And he intended to remind her that she had been sorely neglecting him of late.

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Highlander’s Winter Tale A Cree & Dawn Short Story #3 Cover Reveal

DonnaFletcher_HighlandersWinterTale_200pxLots going on in the third Cree & Dawn short story. A fierce warrior shows up at the keep in the middle of a raging snowstorm and some believe he’s more myth than man. Cree does not care, myth or not, the warrior is about to feel Cree’s wrath for paying far too much attention to Dawn. And watch out…there just might be an unexpected birth at the keep.

Chapter One of Highlander’s Winter Tale A Cree & Dawn Short Story will be sent to Donna’s Book Alert list in the beginning of November. If you don’t want to miss it, hurry and subscribe (top right corner).

One Night of Love & The Hobgoblin

It’s the month of witches, ghost and goblins and to celebrate this spooky month I’ve decided to dust the cobwebs off an old short story of mine and post it in installments throughout October.

So, starting Thursday, Oct. 8, I will post the first installment of One Night of Love & The Hobgoblin with installments to follow each Thursday until the last one is posted on Oct. 29.

DonnaFletcher_TheIrishDevil_200pxFor those unfamiliar with this story, it is about the hero & heroine from my book The Irish Devil…Eric & Faith.

So mark your calendar for each Thursday in October and don’t miss One Night of Love & The Hobgoblin!

Mystery Giveaway Revealed!

Congratulations to Lisa J winner of the Mystery Giveaway!!! Here’s what she won…a $25 Amazon Gift Card and The King’s Executioner, first book in the Pict King Series when it becomes available!

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Contest winner!

I am having difficulty getting in touch with the winner of the Mystery Giveaway.

Lisa J your email address keeps failing. Please get in touch with me directly at donna@donnafletcher.com. If I do not hear from Lisa J by Sunday, I will pick another winner on Monday!

So stay tuned to find out the contents of the mystery giveaway!