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Willow's book... Desired By A Highlander!

Highland hills mistA battle is brewing in the Highlands… a battle of the heart.

Excited to announce that this upcoming Friday, I’ll be revealing the cover of Willow’s book, Desired By A Highlander. The first chapter will be going out to my newsletter subscribers.

If you haven’t subscribed yet, hurry and do so. You don’t want to miss the exciting first chapter of Desired By A Highlander! 

Just to tempt you, since you all know how I love to tempt and tease, here’s the beginning of Desired By A Highlander…

Willow hid in the bushes, the thorny leaves pricking at her skin through her wool garments and tugging at her dark red hair. She kept her hand clamped over her mouth fearful of gasping in fright and her eyes were spread so wide since the attack had begun that she feared she’d never get them closed again. Her heart pounded mercilessly in her chest and fear trembled her body. She wanted to turn away, not watch the brutal battle, but she couldn’t. It wasn’t wise. She had to watch, had to see what happened… had to run if needed.

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4 years ago

eagerly wainting for book 2 in this series. please tell us the exact date when it will be released.

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