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Update on the Sinclare Brothers Series

With numerous e-mails asking about the Sinclare Brothers, I thought it was a good time for an update. The series started with Return of the Rogue, Cavan Sinclare’s story. He’s the oldest of the four brothers and he found himself married to someone he had once rejected upon his return home after a year of being held captive by a barbarian tribe.
Artair is two years younger then Cavan and is a practical man and most women consider him the handsomest of the brothers. His story Under The Highlander’s Spell will be in stores in October. Being he’s a man who approaches everything with reason, you know that I had to have him meet someone the complete opposite.
Lachlan is next and he’s a charmer, especially with the women. He has no intentions of settling just yet and of course he has distinct plans of how it will go. But nothing goes as planned and his charm can’t help him this time. Lachlan’s book doesn’t have a definite title or release date just yet, but I’ll keep you posted.
And as they say, last but not least is Ronan’s story, the youngest of the brothers. Although the other books allow for hints and possibilities of what’s happening to him, nothing is discovered until his story is finally told. I’m not giving away anything, in time you’ll hear more about him. No definite title or release date, but you’ll have it as soon as I do.
And after the Sinclare series? There’s another series brewing… but I’ll tell you about that in due time!

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16 years ago

Hi Donna, its after 2 a.m. and I got on the computer so I could find out if these other brothers were going to have a story and so thrilled they are. I’m having a great time reading Cavan and Honora’s story! Gosh, just feels so wonderful reading these Scotland settings! It too seems like its going to be a long night of reading because it is so hard to put down. Love reading your writing voice! Thanks for working on the other brothers stories I can’t wait!

16 years ago

Hello, Mrs. Fletcher! I just finished reading “Return of the Rogue” I truly enjoyed the book. I had a hard time putting it down. I loved the way you described Cavan is guilty and unwillingness to continue living. It truly took a special woman (enters Honora) to show him he could live but also never give up on his brother Ronan. It was truly wonderful to see how to people completely not wanting the other came together.

As I read one page after the next I kept asking “What about Ronan?” Where is he and when will he return to his family as well as who would be the brave couragous woman to heal him body and soul.

I am so glad to see there is a story for each of the brothers. I so look forward to reading each book.

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