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Spring, Snow, and Cree!

The first day of spring and it snows!

Cree loved every minute of it. RunningĀ  around in it, laying in the snow, giving himself a back rub in the snow, trying to catch the falling snow… he had a wonderful time.

I, for one, am glad to see the sun out and the snow melting rapidly. I am so looking forward to the spring buds blooming.

As for the dog’s namesake, Cree, in the Cree & Dawn Series, he’s keeping me busy with a novella that you’ll be learning more about in the coming months and also My Highlander A Cree & Dawn full-length novel that debuts this fall.

Hope you are enjoying beautiful weather wherever you are!


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Cree enjoying the front yard snow after the snow stopped later in the evening.

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Nancy Nesselroad
Nancy Nesselroad
6 years ago

Loved seeing Cree enjoying the snow. I’m sure with his fur, he has enjoyed the cooler weather. Can’t wait for the new novela of Cree and Dawn, and so looking forward to the full length book. as well. I really can’t wait for the Demon Lord to come out. I’m excited for this one as well. I have the other two on my Amazon Kindle. Right now I’m reading To Tame My Wild Touch. I’ve been enjoying this book as well. I’m so glad my Friend Kathy turned me on to this genre of books. You take me away from my boring life. I thank you so much for your books. You are a fantastic writer. Instead of “Calgon, Take me away” It’s DONNA, Take ME AWAY!!!!!
I sure hope you continue with your wonderful stories for years to come.

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