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Sinclare Brothers Book Titles

The deadline for Lachlan's book draws near and with it a workable title. So I'm asking for help. Cavan's book title is Return of the Rogue. Artair's title is Under the Highlander's Spell. What do you suggest for Lachlan's book?Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I will submit all to my editor and see if one is a winner!

Character Names

My character names are important to me. Some characters tell me their names in dreams and surprisingly (though I shouldn't be surprised by now) their names fit them perfectly. The Sinclare brothers and their wives names are a good example of that. In Return of The Rogue you have Cavan whose name means handsome, and he certainly is in more…

Treasure Hunting

I found some interesting books at a flea market over the weekend. As the saying goes one woman's junk is another woman's treasure. And I always manage to find treasures at flea markets, garage sales or secondhand shops. I don't go to only look for books, but inevitably I find them. Armed with one of my trusty totes (I'm a…

Update on the Sinclare Brothers Series

With numerous e-mails asking about the Sinclare Brothers, I thought it was a good time for an update. The series started with Return of the Rogue, Cavan Sinclare's story. He's the oldest of the four brothers and he found himself married to someone he had once rejected upon his return home after a year of being held captive by a…

Reading Is Fundamental

Today I want to talk about an issue I feel strongly about. Reading Is Fundamental has been a program I've long admired and supported. It is a nonprofit literacy program that gets books into the hands of underprivileged children. Its funding is now in jeopardy. The RIF program is approved through 2009, but if President Bush's proposed 2009 budget is…