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Under The Highlander's Spell in Stores Now!

Under The Highlander's Spell is available in bookstores today! I get so excited when a book is released. It's as if my characters finally have life. I do hope you enjoy reading about Artair and Zia and, of course, Cavan and Honora are in there too. Oh, and I can't forget Lachlan and Addie, matriarch of the Sinclare clan. Happy…

Donna's Older Titles

I'm pleased to announce that I've gotten the rights back to some of my older books, and excited that I will eventually be offering them as ebooks. My first book San Francisco Surrender will be the first one available followed by one of my favorites The Buccaneer.I'll be letting you know more about it in future blogs, so stay tuned…

Reccommend - Author Peggy Webb

My friend, award winning author Peggy Webb has the first book in her Southern Cousins Mystery Series hitting bookstores the same time as Under The Highlander's Spell, Sept. 30. You don't want to miss Elvis & The Dearly Departed. It will have you laughing aloud and anxiously waiting for the next book in the series.Learn more about the book and…

A Reminder

Just wanted to remind you that you can order Under The Highlander's Spell straight from Donna's Store on my website. Happy Reading!

Patient & Pragmatic Artair Sinclare

It's hard enough having patience, but add being pragmatic to that and you would wonder if a person with those combined attributes could actually enjoy life. That's Zia's precise question upon meeting Artair Sinclare. He's a man who doesn't upset easily and handles troublesome situations calmly, while Zia is a woman with a zest for life. She possesses more of…