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Highlander The Demon Lord Now Available!

Kindle Nook Kobo ibooks Watch for links as they become available! Congrats to the winners of the giveaway... Nancy Bosque Katherine Kendrick Lisa Golnick  

Let's Celebrate! To Love A Highlander on sale for $2.99!

To celebrate the s00n-to-be released, Highlander The Demon Lord, I've put To Love A Highlander, book 1 in my Highland Warrior Trilogy on sale for $2.99. So if you haven't read it yet, now's your chance.  Available: Kindle, Nook, kobo, ibooks So far no glitches with Highlander The Demon Lord and as long as it stays that way, the book…

A brief Teaser for Highlander The Demon Lord

While you're waiting for the book to become available...   Warrick’s roar sounded like a wild beast bent on devouring anything in its path. “Circle the village.” His warriors responded instantly, surrounding the village before anyone could react, except for— “Warrick!” Craven yelled his beastly roar powerful, though not as mighty as Warrick’s. Warrick turned a snarl so vicious on…

Highlander The Demon Lord Coming Soon!

It won't be long now.  Highlander The Demon Lord, third book in my Highland Warrior trilogy is almost ready to go! Watch for updates!  

Busy on an adventure...

My heroes and heroines have been keeping me so busy that I hadn’t realized it’s been a while since I posted a new blog. Some people might think, oh, the poor thing she’s so busy working she has no time to enjoy herself.  On the contrary, I am lucky, pleased, and happy to say I enjoy myself every single day.…