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Any day now...

The King & His Queen should be available by the weekend! Will post links when they are available!

Winners of the giveaway have been notified and I will post their names, with their permission, in next post.

Stayed tuned…

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4 Comments on "Any day now…"

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Good news! I have been checking what seems like daily to see if it’s available. Happy February!

Ruth Algarin

I’m so excited! This is like being an expectant mom! Making plans to clear the agenda until the book is finished, DnD.

Where is the chocolate?

Sue Clement

Cannot wait!! Thank you! Just started the third book in your Highlander trilogy with Torr and Wintra. Loved Cree and Dawn! So happy to have 4 novellas to look forward to about them after this book!

Heather Gilkerson

I am so excited I can’t stand it!! How can I make time go faster?