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The Devil’s Den


The Devil's Den Part Four

Dagon sat in the front parlor sizing up Adam Lottimer. Ali had been right, the man’s fine features could tempt any woman and he did carry himself with an old-world, aristocratic style. His dark eyes were sharply aware of everything around him and there was a sense of strength about him that warned he was not a man to take…

The Devil's Den Part Three

Dagon and Sebastian sat in the front parlor talking after just having put Alexander in the cradle for a nap. They were discussing the possibility of Sebastian opening a division of his company in Scotland and possibly buying a home nearby. “It would be nice for Alexander and Jade to grow up together as Ali and I did,” Dagon said.…

The Devil's Den... Part Two

“I was taught to believe in evil since good could not truly exist without its counterpart,” Sarina said cuddling close to her husband’s warmth in bed. “But I believed the devil nothing more than myth, the epitome of what evil could be if it took form. Dagon tucked his wife closer glad she enjoyed sleeping naked and cuddled against him.…

The Devil's Den Part One

“Someone bought the Devil’s Den?” “McDevin Manor,” Dagon corrected his wife. Sarina placed their eight-month-old, sleeping son Alexander in the cradle not far from the sitting room’s large fireplace tucking the soft blue, handmade knit baby blanket around him. Castle Rasmus could be a drafty place and with autumn proving colder than usual in Scotland this year fireplaces were kept…