A twin writing about twins!

Two older books of my you might enjoy. Since I’m a twin, I wanted to write about twins, so the twin series was born. I wrote these when I wrote for Harper Collins Publishers. The Bewitching Twin is the book that put me on the USA Today Bestseller list!


When Fiona of the MacElder clan is told that she must wed Tarr of Hellewyk so the two clans can unite, she is furious that she has to marry a man she does not love. Fortunately, Fiona’s identical twin sister Aliss also cannot imagine a worse fate than a forced marriage and the two boldly concoct an outlandish scheme –– to become indistinguishable to the groom –– and it works.

Tarr, frustrated that he cannot tell the difference between Fiona and Aliss, nevertheless finds himself drawn to a particular twin. Unfortunately, as soon it becomes clear to him that Fiona is the one who has captured his heart, Tarr must battle with an unexpected enemy to keep his new found love.

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A Reminder…

Tomorrow (April 17) Legendary Warrior, Dark Warrior, The Daring Twin and The Bewitching Twin will be available to purchase as e-books and only $4.99 each. Of course you can always pre-order for your Nook or Kindle.

I have to admit I love the pre-order button. When I see that a favorite author of mine has a book coming out I just hit pre-order. If I left it to memory there’d be no telling when I’d get it. This way I turn on my Kindle, check to see if I have new downloads and bingo I have new books to read.

Many of you have written to tell me that you’ve pre-ordered A Warrior’s Promise, release date April 24th.  Much appreciated!

For those who haven’t and would like to:

A Warrior’s Promise — Kindle

A Warrior’s Promise – Nook

What’s next? Untamed Fire, an older book of mine will be available as an e-book in June. Stay tuned for more news coming your way.

Warrior & Twins Books

Thrilled to let you all know that with the launch (April17) of the e-books for Legendary Warrior, Dark Warrior, The Daring Twin and the Bewitching Twin, Avon will be offering them for $4.99.

You can pre-order now at Amazon, B&N or other e-reader sites.