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This is the time of year I start thinking of my herb garden. In some of my books you’ll find the heroines are healers and there’s talk of herbs for healing. Espy in To Love A Highlander is one such healer and and I so enjoyed writing about her.

I’m no healer, but I do enjoy having my herb garden and I make use of all the herbs I grow. I use some when cooking, basil, thyme, oregano, chives. Others I use to make flavored vinegar, tarragon is a favorite, or oil, basil is tasty, and I dry lemon balm to use for tea. Naturally, I grow mint to add to my iced tea. It’s deliciously refreshing on a hot summer day. 

I’m going to try adding herbs to my window boxes this year. I have two in the front of my house and I think herbs might do well there mixed with some flowers. Fingers crossed.

I also have steps leading down to my mailbox with weeds sprouting out of them. This year I’m determined to change that or at least begin to change that. I planted some creeping thyme to the side of the top step a couple of years ago and it’s beginning to spread. I going to add more to the cracks in the steps and see what happens.

The picture below is from the Premier Issue of Herb Gardening Magazine 2013. It’s what gave me the idea for my steps. What I like about creeping thyme is that it’s a ground covering that doesn’t suffer if you walk on it which makes it great for high foot traffic areas and it leaves a delightful scent on your shoes. It’s also deer resistant. 



So off I go to plan in my garden journal before I plant.

Happy gardening!