Donna’s Divas

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Interested in being a Diva?

There are two different teams of Donna’s Divas that you can join.

Please read them all carefully before deciding which team(s) you would like to join.

There is no limit to the teams you can join, I only ask that you understand the commitment you are making to each of them.


If you love Donna’s sexy heroes, remarkable heroines, and unforgettable romances,

you might consider joining

Donna’s Arc Team


download (3)What is an ARC Team?

ARC stands for Advanced Reading Copy and an ARC Team is a group of readers who in exchange for a free copy of my books, post honest reviews at various review sites. The books are usually new books received before the book is released so that on release day reviews are available. Sometimes they are older editions, or classics that simply need more reviews.

Why is an ARC group important to an author?

What is your first choice when deciding on buying a book? The top choice is recommendation from another reader. Reviews help authors gain new readers. Also the more reviews, the more likely the book will appear in search results. It is for those reasons, I am so grateful when a reader takes the time out of her busy life to post a review.

Is membership in the ARC Team limited?

It’s only fair that I put a limit on the number in my ARC Team. It wouldn’t be right to have all reviews from readers who have been given a free book. If you qualify to join the team and it is full, you’ll be added to a waiting list. Once a spot opens up, you’ll be contacted.

Are there rules?

What doesn’t have rules today?  Read the following rules/requirements carefully and see if you would be interested in joining my ARC Team.

  1. You must have reviewed one of my books.

If you haven’t, no problem. Just pop on over to a review site of your choice and review one now to qualify. You’re probably wondering why you’re being asked this. I need to know that you are really interested in reviewing my books and not just looking for a free book and that you’re ready and willing to write reviews.

  1. The ARCs are ebooks, so you must have a device that can read ebooks.

Not to worry, though, ebooks can be read on a variety of devices like laptops, tablets, etc.

  1. Reviews must be honest!

I would love it if you loved every book I write or have written, but that’s not always the case. Post an honest review. You won’t hurt my feelings. Also, if there is a book that you don’t think will be your cup of tea just let the leader of the Arc Team know and she’ll see that you get the next available book.

    4. You must post a review on a minimum of 3 websites.

What that means is that you must have accounts at least three of the following:

Amazon (Kindle)

Barnes & Noble (Nook)



Google Play


A romance book blog review site (if you run one, will do )

Purchases at all three review sites are not necessary. As long as you have an account you should be able to leave a review. Of course, if you want to leave more than three reviews at various places, I won’t argue with you. But remember three is a minimum.

  1. There are guidelines for reviews.

PLEASE, no spoilers!

The FTC requires all reviewers who receive free books to add this line at the end of their      reviews. “I received a free review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.”

Also, just a reminder…5 stars is the highest rating, which means you loved the book. 1 star is the lowest rating, which means you did not like the book.

  1. Deadlines!

You will be sent the book before the release date (times will vary), but you will be given ample notice beforehand. You will have seven days from the release date to post your reviews. If for some reason you do not feel you can meet the deadline then please take a pass on the book when it is presented to you. But, PLEASE, do let the team leader know right away. If you fail to get your reviews up on time, it will jeopardize your membership on the team.  When your reviews have been posted send the links to Attention Mary in the subject box.

  1. You can opt out any time.

No problem if you want to leave the team. Send an email to  letting me know and you’ll be removed and replaced with someone on the waiting list.

If you’re interested in being a member of Donna Fletcher’s ARC Team then please send an email to and you will be sent an application.


Donna Fletcher’s

Beta Readers Team

download (4)What is a beta reader?

A beta reader is a reader that provides feedback on a finished manuscript before the author releases the book.



What type of feedback does the beta reader provide?

Inconsistencies in the plot.

Inconsistencies in characters.

Pacing problems.

Glaring errors.

Basically, a beta reader doesn’t just read a book and say, “I loved it” or “I didn’t care for it.” Or simply spot a few errors. A beta reader realizes what it was about the book that made her love it or why she didn’t care for it.

What does being a beta reader for Donna entail?

  1. Deadline to keep!

Beta readers will receive, in advance, a brief description of the book and a deadline. Deadlines will run no less than one week and no more than two weeks. If the book is not something a beta reader is interested in or she does not feel she can meet the deadline, then she simply passes on that particular book. The reader must inform the team leader immediately that she will not be reading the book.

  1. Character sheet, names, places, oh my!

You will receive a sheet with the names of characters, and anything particular to them, and the names of places. This will help you spot any inconsistencies.

  1. Form to fill out.

To make it easier for you to provide feedback to Donna, you will be sent a brief form with questions on various aspects of the book. Once you are finished with the book, you will return the form to the team leader. If Donna has any questions for you, she will get in touch.


 If you think being a beta reader for Donna is something you would be interested in then please send an email to donna@donnafletcher requesting an application to be a beta reader.

There are a limited number of beta reader spots open. If accepted as a beta reader and there are no spots available, you will be placed on a waiting list. You will be notified either way.

Not all new books of Donna’s will be sent to the beta readers,

only those Donna chooses to send.


Hope you found a team(s) that interests you and you send for an application(s)!

Either way, please know I appreciate your support.

Your’re the best!













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