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Excerpt… Embraced By A Highlander

An excerpt to tempt you… Embraced By A Highlander, book 2 Highland Warriors Trilogy.

Available the end of November!


Hannah eyed the three women skeptically. They huddled together whispering… about her. While most had ignored her arrival at the village, the older woman had been kind enough to give her a piece of bread and cheese. It had been a Godsend after not having eaten for a full day. Though, she should have known something was brewing when the woman had whispered to a young lad and he had dashed off. It had not been long after that that the other two women arrived to huddle and whisper with the woman who Hannah had believed generous.

You never get something for nothing. There is always a price to pay. So ask yourself how much are you willing to pay before you accept anything.

For as long as she could remember her mum had reminded her of that. But she had been so hungry that she had not even considered asking if something was expected of her in exchange for the meager food.  Besides, the woman seemed kind enough, even eager to help her.

The older woman, who Hannah heard one of the women call Blair, had a good girth on her, full, rosy cheeks, a smile that had produced permanent lines, which meant she wore it more often than not, brown eyes that twinkled with their own smile and brown hair sprinkled with gray that refused to stay pinned to the top of her head.

Whatever could a woman who seemed so congenial want from her? Continue reading

Warriors & Bad Boys in Historical Romances


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Embraced By A Highlander Cover Reveal & Fantastical Marvelous Giveaway!

Embraced By A Highlander will be available late November or early December,
though if a miracle should happen it may be earlier than that. 🙂

New book calls for new giveaway!


The Fantastical Marvelous Giveaway

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Question: What was the first book of mine that you read?

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What’s next?

What’s next is a good question. I’ve got multiple characters demanding their story be next and a Cree & Dawn novella that is completely different then any I have done on the couple.

So here are the books that are demanding to be written. The question is in what order?


Diablo’s Angel, book 3 Ranchero Trilogy

Embraced by a Highlander, book 2 Highland Warriors Trilogy

My Highlander a Cree & Dawn Novel

Cree & Dawn Novella, quite different from the other ones.

Will let you know in the next few weeks which one raced to the top! 🙂

Also, I’ll be sharing the book cover for Embraced By A Highlander by the end of the month!

Get Lost in the Past… a summertime bundle of freebies!

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Untamed Fire… new cover & .99 for a limited time!

To celebrate the new cover for Untamed Fire, I’ve dropped the price to $.99 for a limited time. So if you haven’t got it, grab it now while you can. If you haven’t given it a try… now’s the time!

Many of you have been asking me when Diablo’s Angel, third book in the Ranchero Trilogy, will be available. I was hoping for this summer, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to make that deadline. I’m working hard at getting it done, but those darn Highlanders keep interfering.

I’ll update you on Diablo’s Angel as soon as I have a more firm release date.

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